2010 megamind 005



Megamind with Minion and the brainbots


Megamind and Minion in the invisble car.

Megamind is a fictional character from the movie megamind. He is voice by Will Ferrell (was going to be by Robert Downey Jr). He starts off as a villian but then proves he can be a good guy. In the begining Megamind's only friend was a fish name Minion who uses a robot/gorilla body.His foe is MetroMan(voiced by Brad Pitt. He defeats him (which he finds out what really happens to him) but then becomes bored so he finds a man name Hal Stewart (jonah Hill ) and becomes known as Titan (or Tighten) but then becomes evil so Megamind must stop him. When he is able to beat Hal Megamind becomes good and the news reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey) likes him. Megamind was known as Master mind then Oobermind but was later changed into Megamind. Megamind also appears in Megamind:the Button of doom as well as the fan fiction The Power Rangers meet Dr.Robotnik and Megamind.

Megamind as space dad