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Power Rangers in space:the movie is a 1998 direct to video film based on the T.V series of the same name. The films official release date is unknown as it came out sometime in the fall of 1998. When it first came out you had to enter your chance to win it. It's release date in stores was July 20 1999. The film was rereleased in january 2002 when Disney bought the rights to the Power Rangers from Saban. The film follows the rangers as they meet their match the Physco rangers and the rangers try to defeat them. The film is really 5 episodes from power rangers in space to make a movie. While fans of the series praised the film most critics have given poor reviews much like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the movie and turbo a power rangers movie. One review on said why did they have to pick the physco ranger episodes to make a movie. Another review from crticized the changes that were made from the japanese version of the film Denji Sentai Megaranger. Danny Frisk the writer for The Power Rangers meet Dr.Robotnik and Megamind gave the film a mixed review saying while this film has its moments this film fails to be a Frisk favorite of mine . He panned the story,screenplay,some of the characters,the jokes,and the ending .He worte it off as Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla meets Megamind in a stupid kiddie friendly way.It is the only power ranger film to date that is not on DVD there are currently no plans to release the film on DVD.As of February 26 2012 the film is only available on VHS.See also Review by Danny Frisk