1997 - Rebirth of Mothra II 015 4 0001

Shiroi with Ghogo

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Shiori happy

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Shiori Uchiura is the main character from Rebirth of Mothra 2 AKA Mosura 2 - Kaitei no daikessen . She is played by Hikari Mitsushima. She has a mom and a cat.In the film she wears 3 different dresses 1(see dress #1photo),2(see dress#2photo) and the third and final dress as well as the one she wears the most is found in the other photos. She finds a creature known as Ghogo (see photo). She goes on an adventure to find a treasure with 2 boys name Kyohei (Masaki Otake) and Yoji (Shimada Maganao) at a castle. .She appears in the fan fiction The Power Rangers meet Dr.Robotnik and Megamind as the main character besides the rangers.
1997 - Rebirth of Mothra II 012 0001

Shiori with Kyohei, Yoji,and the fishermen

Ghogo1 01

concept art of Shiori pooking Ghogo