The Power Rangers meet Dr.Robotnik and Megamind is a fan fiction written by Danny Frisk released in 2011 and it's based on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog,Megamind,Power Rangers in space,and Rebirth of Mothra 2.The plot follows Shiori Uchiura who reunites

with Ghogo but however Dr.Robotnik who brainwashes Megamind to be evil again teams up with him to steal Ghogo for special powers so Shiori hires the power rangers from power rangers in space to protect her from Robotnik and Megamind.


Shiori,Moll and Lora, Kyohei ,Yoji,Mothra,Dagahra the 2nd,Andros,Carlos,T.J,Ashley,Cassie,D.E.C.A,Alpha 6,Bulk,Skull,Sonic,Tails,Dr.Robotnik,Scratch,Grounder,Megamind, Minion,Roxanne,The Brainbots,Bernard,and Danny Frisk as his unnamed character. see also: Danny Frisk (the writer) scapped characters Wes Weasely,Da bearz,Captain Rescue,Metroman,Titan (or Hal Stewart),the Warden,Mega-Megamind,Dark Spector (in ghost form),the physco rangers,Karoen,Yuna,Belvera,Mothra leo,Barem, and Garugaru.A sequel was made titled Physcominds revenge which was made in 2011 and finished in 2012.A third one titled the wrath of E-123 Omega is currently being written and is the final one in the series