Thumper with Dot


Thumper is a minor character in the Disney/Pixar film a bugs life. He is Hopper's(Kevin Spacey) pet grasshopper who is dog like and beats up any ant who refuses to work.In the film he is known for scaring Dot (Hayden Panettiere).Later when it's fall during when Dot is going to get help she rans right into Thumper causing him to chase her until she falls off a cliff but she escapes because her fall causes her to fly.After when the ants had lanuched the bird Flik(Dave Foley) tells Hopper that the bird was his idea.Hopper then unleashes Thumper and hurts Flik.Later when all the ants are attacking Hopper Thumper shows up in front of Dot and gets scared of him but however she slaps him and says no bad grassopper bad grasshopper! go home!.Then Thumper roars at Dot but however Dim( Brad Garrett who also voices Bloat in finding nemo another pixar film) roars louder at Thumper which causes him to fly away scared (like a dog).